Romania to sign multi-million deal for South Korean K9 artillery systems

By Defence Industry Europe

Romania is set to sign a USD 920 million contract to acquire K9 self-propelled howitzers from the South Korean technology company Hanwha Aerospace. This will be the largest weapons procurement for Romania in recent years.


The forthcoming deal was revealed during a meeting between South Korean Defence Minister Shin Won-sik and Romanian Defence Minister Angel Tilvar, during Shin’s visit to Romania. The ministers stressed that military cooperation between Russia and North Korea poses a threat to the security of Europe and Asia, and called for close cooperation with the international community to address this issue.

The agreement follows a summit in April where South Korean and Romanian leaders pledged to boost defence industry cooperation. Romania’s decision to purchase K-9 howitzers, similar to a recent deal by Poland, is expected to expand South Korea’s defence industry footprint in Europe.

As Defence Industry Europe reported, Romania plans to order 54 K-9 howitzers and 36 associated vehicles. The first batch of 18 howitzers will be produced at Hanwha’s facility in South Korea, with the remaining 36 units to be manufactured in Romania.


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“We are set to build a completely new production facility, which is essential to the success of this program, and we are determined to fulfill this crucial point of our offer. Moreover, we see the possibility of involving many Romanian local companies in this program. Once the agreement is signed, we will immediately commence the project’s execution,” Peter Bae, Vice President of Hanwha Aerospace Europe, told Defence Industry Europe at the BSDA exhibition.

The K-9 self-propelled howitzer is becoming the most widely used artillery system on NATO’s eastern flank, already in service with Poland and Estonia. Romania will be the third country in Central-Eastern Europe to deploy this system, alongside Norway and Finland.



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