Slovenia allocates EUR 200 million for GBAD programme

By Defence Industry Europe

The Slovenian Ministry of Defence has announced a significant allocation of EUR 200 million towards the acquisition of a medium-range Ground Based Air Defence system (GBAD) during the period of 2023-2026.

According to a statement from the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, the primary objective of this programme is to procure a GBAD system that will safeguard the airspace of the Republic of Slovenia. Additionally, the system will be capable of providing air defence support to Slovenian armed forces operating beyond the country’s borders.

The Ministry of Defence in Slovenia aims to integrate the new air defence system with the short-range (SHORAD) and very short-range (VSHORAD) systems.



Lubljana emphasizes its desire for the expeditious acquisition of one battery of the medium-range air defence system. To facilitate this endeavour, the budget of EUR 200 million has been allocated to fund the implementation of this programme.

As previously reported by Defence Industry Europe, local Slovenian media outlets indicate that the Slovenian Ministry of Defence is planning to procure the IRIS-T SLM air defence system, produced by the German company Diehl Defence in collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space and HENSOLDT.

Sources within the Slovenian Ministry of Defence suggest that they are also considering alternative solutions offered by companies from the United Kingdom, Israel, and the United States.


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It is crucial to note that Slovenia is a member of the European Sky Shield Initiative. This international programme, directed by Berlin, aims to develop an integrated anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence system for Europe, which will be integrated into NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD). As per a political decision, the IRIS-T SLM is the preferred medium-range air defence system within the European Sky Shield Initiative.



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