SNC’s RAPCON-X jet advances to next phase of Finnish Border Guard’s MVX program

Source: Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has been selected for the next phase of the Finnish Border Guard’s MVX program to replace its current Dornier 228 surveillance aircraft with new multi-purpose jets. The RAPCON-X jet is SNC’s newest integrated aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (A-ISR) solution that will provide a modernized and dramatically increased capability to the Finnish Border Guard’s existing fixed-wing fleet. For this program, SNC is using a Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft tailored RAPCON-X capability.

“SNC is proud to offer our RAPCON-X solution tailored to meet the Finnish Border Guard’s MVX requirements,” said Tim Owings, executive vice president of SNC’s Mission Solutions and Technologies business area. “This is a critical time in history for Finland and the NATO Alliance as Europe stands strong in the face of significant security challenges. RAPCON-X provides interoperability across a wide spectrum of Finland’s national security infrastructure as well as NATO, and will set the Finnish Border Guard up for mission success now and in the future.”



SNC’s rapidly configurable, A-ISR platform, RAPCON-X, is a system-of-systems readily deployable within hours of notice. RAPCON-X is engineered ready for Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) installation. Its large body and unique design provide flexibility to support seamless future upgrades over the life of the program. Integrated with CarteNav’s AIMS mission management system, SNC’s RAPCON-X-based solution delivers enhanced communications, ISR, search and rescue capabilities, as well as environmental protection.

The Finnish Border Guard’s current surveillance planes focus on monitoring borders on land and at sea, supporting rescue efforts in maritime emergencies, identifying environmental emergencies at sea and supporting their clean-up efforts. The new MVX program planes will also address the growing need for monitoring the eastern border to ensure Finland’s territorial integrity.

SNC has been selected for the intermediate phase of the tender for the MVX program and will continue work on the RAPCON-X aircraft from its integration center in Hagerstown, Maryland. Final contract award is expected by the end of 2023 with the aircraft beginning service in 2026 and 2027.



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