Sweden bolsters coastal defence with mobile launchers of RBS15 Mk2 anti-ship missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has delivered new mobile platforms to the Swedish Armed Forces. These platforms are equipped with the Saab-made RBS15 Mk2 anti-ship missiles. This delivery is a key step in strengthening Sweden's coastal defence capabilities and military readiness.


The new platforms emphasize mobility, allowing the Swedish Armed Forces to deploy the RBS15 Mk2 system with increased flexibility. Anders Brunander, the project leader at FMV, highlighted the importance of these units in response to rapid global changes, stating, “These units of the heavy coastal missile platform create an expanded capability that is in demand due to the fast changes in the world.”

Developed by Saab Bofors Dynamics, the RBS15 is a long-range, fire-and-forget anti-ship missile system that has evolved significantly since its debut in the late 1970s. The RBS15 Mk2, introduced in the early 1990s, features enhancements such as an extended range of up to 200 kilometers, improved guidance systems, and sea-skimming capabilities to evade enemy radar. These advancements make the Mk2 a formidable component in Sweden’s defence arsenal, capable of precise targeting and high lethality.


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FMV’s recent delivery also sets the stage for the future integration of the RBS15 Mk4 missile, a next-generation system that promises further advancements in anti-ship and land-attack capabilities. The Mk4 variant is expected to offer an extended range, enhanced targeting precision, and advanced electronic countermeasures, ensuring that Sweden’s defence technology remains at the cutting edge.

Brunander noted that the Swedish Armed Forces now have the opportunity to test these delivered units and provide feedback for the next generation, which is already on order. “Now there is an opportunity for the Armed Forces to try out the delivered units and give feedback with improvements to the next generation, which is already on order,” he said.


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The deployment of these advanced missile systems underscores Sweden’s commitment to maintaining a robust defence posture. The ongoing collaboration between FMV and Saab plays a crucial role in equipping the Swedish Armed Forces with the latest advancements in military technology. As geopolitical tensions and maritime security challenges persist globally, Sweden’s investment in platforms like the RBS15 Mk2 and the forthcoming Mk4 ensures a critical deterrent and operational advantage in protecting the nation’s interests.



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