Swedish Armed Forces to enhance defence capabilities

By Defence Industry Europe

The Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces submitted his military advice to the government, providing crucial input for Sweden’s defence strategy, especially under the new conditions that potential NATO membership will entail. This advice forms a foundational element for the 2024 defence decision.


In its counsel, the Swedish Armed Forces emphasize that Russia will continue to be the most significant threat for the foreseeable future. Given the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Swedish defence policy must consider the risk of escalation to an attack against other states. This necessitates a robust defence strategy that not only protects Sweden but also aligns with the interests and operations of the alliance.



Swedish Defence Chief Admiral Micael Bydén outlined the necessity for Sweden to participate in deterrence and defence against armed attacks beyond its borders as part of NATO obligations. “Swedish NATO membership means heightened requirements for more available units capable of operating alongside allies,” stated Adm. Micael Bydén.

Key changes proposed in the advice include an increased focus on air defence across all branches of the military, integrating into NATO’s air and missile defence system. Furthermore, two of the army’s brigades are being prioritized for early participation in NATO ground operations. This also involves developing logistics capabilities to support basing and transportation of allied units in Sweden. Enhancing interoperability to fit into NATO’s command structure is another critical area of focus.



To meet these increased operational demands, significant personnel reinforcements are necessary. The advice proposes increasing basic training volumes to 10,000 individuals per year by 2030. However, the establishment of additional organizational units and operations in specific locations is advised against.

“Considering the requirements of NATO membership, the global situation, and the impact of our extensive military support to Ukraine, we are focusing on strengthening the availability and capability of existing units and ensuring access to materials and supplies,” says Adm. Micael Bydén.

This comprehensive military strategy underscores Sweden’s commitment to enhancing its defence capabilities in response to the evolving geopolitical landscape and its prospective role within NATO.



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