Swedish government adopts first-ever security and defence space strategy

By Defence Industry Europe

The Swedish government has adopted the nation's first-ever defence and security space strategy, titled "The Role of Space in a New Security Environment." The strategy, which was approved on 4 July, underscores the critical importance of space in modern security and defence.


“Space is an arena for cooperation but is also increasingly competitive and contested. In concrete terms, this means that we need to be prepared to take technical, political, diplomatic, and military measures when necessary,” said Minister for Defence Pål Jonson during the announcement.

The strategy highlights how space has become integral to the strength, safety, and prosperity of societies globally. It acknowledges space as both a strategic and operational domain upon which modern civilization heavily relies.

The overarching goal of the strategy is to secure Sweden’s defence and security interests in and through space. To this end, Sweden aims to establish itself as a significant and responsible player in the defence and security space sector through both national initiatives and international collaboration.

“With this strategy, we are strengthening the defence and security dimension of space policy so that Sweden is better postured to meet the challenges in space and to use space for defence and security,” Mr. Jonson added.

The strategy is built on four foundational pillars:

  1. Ensure Freedom of Action in Space: By developing the capability to anticipate and address space-related challenges, Sweden aims to maintain autonomy in space operations.
  2. Develop Space Capabilities and Services: Creating a robust portfolio of space assets to support national defence and crisis preparedness is a priority.
  3. International Partnership and Responsibility: Sweden commits to being an active and responsible partner in the global space arena, contributing to collective security.
  4. Knowledge-Based Space Policy: A coherent and informed space policy is vital for enhancing crisis preparedness and comprehensive defence mechanisms.


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