The Republic of Ireland takes delivery of the first Airbus C-295MSA aircraft

By Defence Industry Europe

On June 27, the Republic of Ireland received the firstAirbus C-295MSA patrol aircraft.

“The aircraft were manufactured in Seville, Spain and the total cost of the contract for both Maritime Patrol Aircraft and associated training, ground equipment and spare parts is €230 million, inclusive of VAT. The second Maritime Patrol Aircraft will be delivered later this year,” the Department of Defence of the Republic of Ireland said in a statement.

The contract, valued at EUR 220 million, was signed in December 2019, with two C-295MSA aircraft scheduled for delivery by the end of 2023.

Airbus will also provide ground support and logistics equipment as part of the agreement.

Additionally, in December 2022, the Republic of Ireland government and Airbus signed a contract for a third C-295W aircraft, which will be delivered in a transport configuration.



“These new aircraft, which replace the two existing CASA CN235-100 Maritime Patrol Aircraft purchased for the Air Corps in 1994, are primarily equipped for maritime surveillance, particularly fisheries protection, but will also provide the Air Corps with the capability to deliver a range of services including logistics support and transport of troops and equipment, medical evacuation and air ambulances, search and rescue and a general utility role,” the Republic of Ireland Deparment of Defence siad in a press release.




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