UK announces new military aid package for Ukraine, including Storm Shadow missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

On April 23, 2024, during a visit to Poland, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announcced the UK's largest single military aid package to Ukraine, totaling GBP 500 million. This substantial commitment includes the delivery of Storm Shadow cruise missiles, known for their precision and long-range capabilities.


The aid package features a diverse array of equipment designed to bolster Ukraine’s defences against ongoing Russian aggression. Key components include 60 assault boats of various types, including underwater vehicles, and more than 400 vehicles, among which 160 are Husky armored mine-resistant vehicles—a variant of the MXT-MV from Navistar International. Additionally, the package includes 162 other armored vehicles and 78 all-terrain vehicles.



Furthermore, the UK has committed to supplying over 1,600 missile projectiles for targeting both ground and aerial threats, which includes an unspecified number of the highly effective Storm Shadow cruise missiles. This missile system is especially noted for its ability to strike with precision at extended ranges, making it a strategic asset for Ukrainian forces.

The package also includes nearly 4 million rounds of small-caliber ammunition, underlining the UK’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to Ukraine. This announcement marks the largest individual aid package announced by London, supplementing the previously announced total support for Ukraine in 2024 amounting to GBP 2.5 billion.




Prime Minister Sunak also declared an increase in UK defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030, with an additional GBP 75 billion allocated for defence expenditures over the coming years. This increase in defense spending reflects growing concerns over threats not only from the Russian Federation but also from other state actors, including Iran and North Korea.



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