UK buys HX military trucks from RMMV in a multi-million deal

By Defence Industry Europe

Under a GBP 282 million contract, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) will deliver 500 multipurpose trucks to the British Army. These vehicles will enable personnel to load flat racks onto the platform, which can carry essential logistics such as ammunition, food, water, and support material, to operational locations, the UK Ministry of Defence said in a statement.


“The newly procured vehicles will be from the HX family, a range of purpose-designed military trucks equipped with a multitude of protection capabilities to keep our most important asset—our people—safe,” the UK Ministry of Defence said.



“The rapid delivery of transport capabilities to the front line is paramount to the lifeblood of British Army logistics and operations. This procurement demonstrates our commitment to equipping our Armed Forces with the best tools available, ensuring mobility, agility, and resilience in the face of evolving threats,” commented James Cartlidge, UK Minister of Defence Procurement.

The HX family is a proven and cost-effective class of mobility trucks, integrating military off-the-shelf components. Purposefully designed to bolster military operations, these HX vehicles offer high mobility and reliability in challenging terrains.


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The platforms feature several capability improvements over those already in service, including an increased payload, a reduced turning circle, an underrun protection safety feature, and a more efficient EURO 5 engine.

RMMV is a joint venture company in which Rheinmetall AG holds a 51% stake, with the remaining 49% held by MAN Truck & Bus SE.



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