Ukraine needs more PATRIOT air defence systems, Baerbock says

By Defence Industry Europe

In anticipation of the forthcoming G7 foreign ministers' meeting, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has voiced her concern and hope regarding the enhancement of Ukraine's air defence capabilities.


Baerbock warned of Russia’s intentions to significantly damage the city of Kharkiv, emphasizing the necessity for escalated support in response to Russia’s military aggressions.

According to German news outlet NTV, Baerbock’s statements highlighted the urgent need for international collaboration to address the security challenges facing Ukraine.


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Baerbock pointed out the critical depletion of Germany’s PATRIOT air and missile defence systems, indicating a broader issue of dwindling defence resources amid continuous conflicts.

She advocated for a comprehensive review of the availability of PATRIOT systems across Europe and globally, aiming to quickly mobilize and redirect resources to bolster Ukraine’s defensive posture.

“Unfortunately, our own stocks of PATRIOT systems are now quite exhausted,” Baerbock remarked during a statement in Berlin.

She underscored the importance of gaining a clear understanding of where support could be rapidly allocated from within the international community to Ukraine.


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The German Foreign Minister expressed optimism that the upcoming G7 meeting would serve as a platform to discuss and potentially announce further support measures for Ukraine.

This discussion is particularly pertinent given the ongoing military challenges posed by Russia, including significant threats to urban centers such as Kharkiv.

Baerbock’s call for enhanced air defence support for Ukraine comes at a critical time when the international community is grappling with the ramifications of Russia’s aggression.





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