German Patriot system to protect airspace over Vilnius during NATO summit

By Defence Industry Europe

The German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) will deploy a Patriot air defence system to Lithuania to safeguard the NATO summit in Vilnius, scheduled for July.

According to the German Federal Ministry of Defence, the air defense system will be stationed in Lithuania at the request of NATO. The Patriot fire unit, belonging to the German Air Force, will be transported to Lithuania from Slovakia, where it was deployed in March 2022, to reinforce Slovakia’s air defence after the country provided significant amounts of weaponry and military equipment to Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defence in Germany also stated that certain components of the Patriot fire unit, which will be deployed in Lithuania, will be transported from Poland.

Since January 2023, German armed forces have been stationed in Poland with three Patriot fire units, thus strengthening the air defence in the eastern part of Poland.



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