US Army orders HE 448 ammunition for Carl-Gustaf from Saab

Source: Saab, Inc., Defence Industry Europe

Saab has received an order for the latest Carl-Gustaf programmable high explosive round, HE 448, from the US Army. The order value is approxi­mately USD 10 million, with deliveries during 2024. This order was booked in Q1 2023.

This latest ammunition enhancement provides the Carl-Gustaf operator with a capa­bility to rapidly engage and defeat enemies using cover to an effective range of 1,500 meters. By using Carl-Gustaf together with an intelligent fire control device, the user can remotely program the HE 448 round to detonate or airburst at a pre-designated distance.

The order is signed within a framework agreement between Saab and the US Army regarding Carl-Gustaf ammunition and the AT4 anti-armor weapon.

“We are pleased that the US Army continues to invest in the Carl-Gustaf sys­tem and that they are placing an order for the new programmable round. The US Army is quickly strengthening its capability with Carl-Gustaf and the new high explosive round will enable faster engagement and increased hit probability,” says Erik Smith, President and CEO of Saab in the US.

Carl-Gustaf M4 is designated as M3A1 and the 448 round as HE 441E Programma­ble Round by the US Army. The reloadable, multi-purpose Carl-Gustaf weapon has a long and proven record with the US military and has been in service in the US since 1990. In 2018, the US Army announced it would acquire the latest ver­sion of the Carl-Gustaf weapon.


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