VOP CZ and Thales to collaborate on production of Buchmaster vehicles

By Defence Industry Europe

During the IDET 2023 exhibition held in Brno, the Czech defencecompany VOP CZ signed a memorandum with Thales. As announced by VOP CZ on social media, the agreement pertains to cooperation in the production of the Buschmaster vehicle, which may be offered to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

Neither company has disclosed specific details about the signed memorandum. According to our sources, Thales and VOP CZ intend to jointly offer the Buschmaster vehicle to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. If the vehicle is contracted by the Czech military, a significant portion of the production will take place in the Czech Republic, with VOP CZ being one of the industrial leaders involved.

Localizing the vehicle production in the country also means the involvement of many other Czech enterprises in the supply chain.


“This memorandum is the result of years of negotiations based on a feasibility study of a universal wheeled engineering platform for the Czech army, which recommended Bushmaster vehicles as a solution,” said Marek Spok, Director of VOP CZ.

“The Bushmaster-protected military vehicle has proven itself in operations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific and is well-known for its ability to protect soldiers on the ground and save lives during operations. Thales is engaged in collaboration with VOP CZ and PRAMACOM-HT, and we are delighted to support the Czech army with this top-tier capability,” said Günther Trummer, Vice President of Thales Central Europe.



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