Weibel XENTA-C drone detection radar deployed at HCA Airport

By Defence Industry Europe

The Danish company Weibel Scientific has delivered successfully deployed its XENTA-C drone detection radar to Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA), located north of Odense.

The primary purpose of the XENTA-C radar, according to Weibel, is to detect drones and other aerial vehicles in the vicinity of the airport.

Hans Okholm Vejrup, CEO of HCA Airport, expressed confidence in the Weibel XENTA radar as the optimal solution for monitoring drone and aircraft activities at their facility. He stated, “With the increasing drone-related activity at HCA, we have decided to invest in a surveillance radar to fulfill our monitoring needs. We believe that the Weibel XENTA radar will effectively detect, track, and classify aerial objects around our airport.”


The XENTA-C radar is a state-of-the-art X-Band FMCW (Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave) sensor system developed for high-performance 3D air surveillance of various aerial targets. It has the capability to simultaneously detect, track, and classify fast-moving as well as Low-Slow-Small (LSS) targets. Weibel emphasizes that the XENTA radars can effectively differentiate hovering drones from ground clutter by detecting micro-Doppler signals generated by the drone’s rotors. This feature enables the detection and classification of drones, even when they have zero speed.

With the deployment of Weibel’s XENTA-C radar system, HCA Airport aims to enhance its surveillance capabilities and ensure the safe operation of drones and aircraft within its airspace.




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