US Army buys more MVRS-700SC muzzle velocity radars from Weibel

By Defence Industry Europe

Danish doppler radars specialist Weibel Scientific has received an order to supply 55 MVRS-700SC muzzle velocity radars to the US Army.

According to Weibel, MVRS-700SC radars will be mounted on the US Army’s M109A7 Paladin 155 mm self-propelled howitzers.

The Paladin M109A7 is the next-generation artillery system of the US Army and an upgraded version of the M109A6 155 mm howitzer.

The MVRS-700 family is Weibel’s best-selling radar, and since the introduction in 1988 more than 4,500 MVRS radars have been sold to more than 20 countries, the company said.

The new order is another contract with US Army signed by Weibel recently. As reported by Defence Industry Europe, in December 2022 the company announced a sale of 92 MVRS-700SC muzzle velocity radars to the US Army.




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