Weibel signs contract with Milano Systems for long range tracking radar

By Defence Industry Europe

Danish company Weibel Scientific announced it has received an order from Milano Systems for the 45 dB Multi Sensor Platform (MSP) radar.

Weibel’s tracking radars are X-band Continuous Wave (CW), Multi-Frequency Continuous Wave (MFCW) and Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar systems consisting of state of the art monopulse Doppler radar antennas, high performance pedestals, real-time multi-object tracking processors and state of the art waveform generators, all controlled from the operator console.

According to Weibel, the radar ordered by Milano Systems is the most advanced version of company’s long range tracking radar.


Danish company Wiebel Scientific announced it has received an order from Milano Systems for a 45dB Multi Sensor Platform (MSP) radar.
Image: Weibel Scientific.


“We have been working with Weibel for many years, and have always been impressed with the high level of commitment and service we have received from everyone involved in a project, which involves the delivery of such an advanced radar system. It goes without saying, that Weibel represents the highest standards within tracking, detection and precision capabilities in the radar industry, and we are very pleased to be signing yet another order with Weibel”, said Milano Systems.

Milano Systems will integrate the radar with optical systems provided by Nurjana Technologies.

“This is another important sales of our largest and most advanced radar system, and we are both proud and honoured that Milano Systems chose Weibel as their prime supplier for this important project,” Weibel Scientific stressed in a statement published on the company website.



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