Air defence: Raytheon signs $1.2 billion contract to provide Patriot system to Switzerland

Source: Raytheon

Raytheon Technologies was awarded a $1.2 billion foreign military sales contract from the U.S. Army to provide Switzerland with the Patriot air defence system. With the sale, Switzerland becomes the 18th global Patriot partner and the eighth European country to choose the system as the backbone of their air defence.

The contract includes five Patriot fire units and a quantity of Guidance Enhanced Missiles, known as GEM-T. The missile is proven to defeat tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and enemy aircraft.

“Designed specifically to counter today’s threats, Patriot is the proven, reliable ground-based air defence capability for the U.S. Army and now 17 international countries,” said Tom Laliberty, president of Land Warfare & Air Defense at Raytheon. “Switzerland now joins this Global Patriot user community and will benefit from unparalleled commonality, cooperation, experience and cost sharing over the weapon system’s life cycle.”

The Patriot offer for Switzerland included projects for local industry participation. Raytheon will work with Swiss industry to deliver the Patriot system to meet Switzerland’s air defence needs and safeguard its sovereignty.

Patriot is the most effective, most sophisticated, and only combat-proven ground-based air defence capability available in the world to defeat advanced long-range cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles, and a full spectrum of air-breathing threats. As these threats evolve, so does Patriot. Its technology is continuously refreshed, tested and upgraded, thanks to continued investment by all Patriot partner nations.

The contract was announced by the U.S. Department of Defense on March 28, 2023.



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