US approves sale of Arrow 3 air defence system to Germany

By Arie Egozi

The United States has approved the sale of the Israeli Arrow 3 air defence system to Germany. This is according to a report in the Israeli Kan broadcast channel.

Last year Germany has requested the purchase of the Arrow 3 designed to intercept ballistic missiles. This was the first lesson from the Russian invasion to Ukraine.

The deal has to be approved by Washington as the US participated in the funding of the development.

The planned sale of the Arrow 3 to Germany will be the first export of the Israeli defence system.

The Arrow 3 is the most advanced operational version of this defence system.

Last year, Israel performed a test of an upgraded version of the Arrow 3.

Two upgraded Arrow 3 interceptors were launched simultaneously against two targets that were destroyed by kinetic kill.

The tests were conducted jointly by the Israel Missile Defence Organization (IMDO), it is US counterpart the Missile Defence Agency (MDA) and the Israeli armed forces. According to the official announcement, operational radars detected the target and transferred data to the battle management control, which analyzed the data and established a defence plan. After the defence plan was established, two Arrow 3 interceptors were launched toward the target and completed the mission.

The targets depicting some of these emerging threats in the test were developed by Israeli-firm Rafael, and were launched by Israeli Air Force F-15 over the Mediterranean.



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