Aselsan: a rising power in Active Protection Systems

Source: Aselsan

In the last decade, the importance of main battle tanks has increased in modern operation environment, therefore Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) and Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) usage against the main battle tanks has been increased in parallel. Traditional passive armors have become inadequate in protecting tanks; hence, taking new kind of measures becomes an ultimate necessity.

In order to meet this emerging demand, Aselsan has started working on active protection technologies and developed active protection systems, Pulat and Akkor. Pulat has been developed in a very short time span with a great effort, qualified by testing against hundreds of RPGs and ATGMs. Pulat, one of the few operationally used Active Protection Systems in the world, has increased the survivability of Turkish main battle tanks.



Aselsan, ever-growing in active protection technologies, has developed Akkor APS, for covering various mission requirements defined for Altay main battle tanks. First units of Akkor are delivered to Turkish Armed Forces along with the Altay main battle tank prototypes and are currently under field tests. As of today, Akkor reached to a level of availability for platform differentiation.

Aselsan, creating operationally used products with Akkor & Pulat active protection product family, will be a pioneer in the world in Active Protection Systems, the company said.



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