Aselsan: intelligence and electronic warfare solutions for drones

Source: Aselsan, Defence Industry Europe

In today’s battlefield, UAVs became game changer and necessary asset for defense inventory of many countries. Aselsan, with profound expertise in electronic warfare more than 30 years, provide UAV solutions for complex aerial missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence, self protection, escort jamming, Stand-off Jamming (SOJ) and Stand-In Jamming (SIJ).

Aselsan has UAV electronic warfare solutions for Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM). All these systems, along with other airborne and land based electronic warfare systems, are indispensable elements in the operational environment for EMS superiority. UAV systems designed for SIGINT and SOJ special missions provide their users with all the advantages of manned airborne systems, as well as the ability to perform missions in a contested environment with longer endurance, increase the utilization of highly skilled, experienced staff and minimize the risk of monetary and critical human loss.



Aselsan’s miniaturized electronic warfare POD systems can even transform tactical class UAVs, which are widely used around world within limited missions, into electronic warfare weapons. It ensures the successful fulfillment of an invaluable mission by ensuring the protection of valuable asset against the air defense systems that it has been vulnerable to up until now. Moreover, mission flexibility is maximized with easy integration of configurable POD solutions while expanding the scope of the tasks that UAV can perform.

Within this scope, Aselsan provides turnkey special mission UAV solutions capable of performing SIGINT, ISR and SOJ operations and electronic warfare payloads for UAVS to the global market.



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