Aselsan presents new generation electro optic system Aseflir-500

Source: Aselsan

The recent events in the world once again showed the importance of air supremacy and for the platforms in the air, electro optic systems behave as the eyes of the platforms, providing tactical advantages over the field. In order to provide solutions for rotary and fixed wing platforms Aselsan has been providing Electro Optic Solutions for more than 20 years.

Aseflir-500 is a high-performance new generation 15” electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system designed for fixed and rotary wing airborne platforms. With its compact form, unique laser designs, image quality, superior range performance, high stabilization capabilities and advanced algorithms, the system is delivering 20’’ payload performance in a 15” category payload.

The system features a multi-spectral aperture that combines multiple optical channels (VIS, MWIR and SWIR)* into one, providing outstanding range performance without increasing size and weight, operable day and in adverse weather conditions.


320x250 – for mobile devices


As a turret only unit, the system consists of HD Infrared Camera (IR Camera), 8 Mp Day Visual Camera (TV Camera), HD SWIR Camera, Laser Range Finder and Designator Unit (LRFD), Laser Pointer and Illuminator Unit (LPI), Laser Spot Tracker (LST).

All laser guided munitions in the world can be encoded, allowing the user to shoot with NATO codes. The system can provide accurate range information even at high altitudes. With its rigid structure, vibration damping and 4-axes gimbals & 2-axes optics stabilization, Aseflir-500 displays high stabilization performance. The system has a capability in order not to lose control over the target in high depression angles (down look or when the target is passed over). The system provides maximum protection for sightline, reducing the vibrations in the image (jitters).

The internal boresight module embedded to the system provides elimination of the misalignment between the sensors which may occur with temperature changes and vibration effects at different altitudes during operations, enabling the user to continue the mission. With the use of platform INS data when needed, gimbal control is not suppressed in the case of GPS/GNSS loss in the operational field, which occurs under high jamming.



The system is enhanced with AI-based algorithms. PRF coded lasers can be displayed/imaged in day and night conditions by the help of see-spot feature of Aseflir-500 and various munitions can be guided. Using deep learning techniques and applying model-based algorithms, the image quality is supported in all channels.

As the new generation electro optical system, Aseflir-500 provides high quality performance for reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting requirements of the user. With the optimal utilization of the system’s superior features, users can always have eyes on their targets even in harsh operational conditions.



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