BANS: innovative non-lethal VSHORAD system from Guardiaris [VIDEO]

By Defence Industry Europe

Carboteh, a spinoff company of the Slovenian technology enterprise Guardiaris, has developed a groundbreaking non-lethal very-short range anti-aircraft system known as BANS (Battlefield Anti-aircraft Non-lethal VSHORAD System).



BANS revolutionizes anti-aircraft defense by employing a unique approach without the need for firing a single shot. This lightweight shoulder weapon mimics a missile launch pattern, digitally stimulating an aircraft’s missile launch warning and detection system, which subsequently triggers its alarm. As a result, combat aircraft or helicopters are compelled to release countermeasures in the form of flares. The heavy usage of flares exposes the combat aircraft to the risk of anti-aircraft missiles. Pilots are then faced with the choice of aborting their mission or facing the threat of VSHORAD missiles.

According to Guardiaris, the BANS device is powered by a battery and can generate up to 500 simulated missile launch activations. It is user-friendly, requiring no specific training, and offers cost-effective operation. Consequently, BANS devices can be widely deployed across the battlefield with a swarm attack strategy, significantly altering the dynamics of future airstrike missions.

BANS exhibits versatile applications, but its most effective utilization is in conjunction with MANPADS, SHORAD systems, or when mounted on remote weapon stations or drones. This combination results in a substantial increase in target hit probability, as stated by the company.


For more information about the BANS system, visit the Carboteh website.



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