Biomonitoring: new partnership between Rheinmetall and QUS ensures tactical information superiority


Rheinmetall has set new standards with its innovative and powerful Gladius 2.0 soldier system. With its open, modular, scalable architecture, the system is unrivalled worldwide for a user-centric soldier system solution. An up-to-date situational awareness with a consistent, stable communication infrastructure enables operational sensor-to-shooter networks. Gladius 2.0 guarantees a decisive advantage on the digital battlefield under even the most challenging of conditions.


Rheinmetall continues to improve its systems and has now entered a partnership with QUS in vital data tracking to jointly develop a solution in this area. Live tracking of vital data allows training units to be adjusted during training to ensure optimal fitness development. During operations, current information on the physical condition of individual soldiers or the entire unit is available, which is important for further tactical decisions. This is particularly crucial for soldiers in current complex operational scenarios under difficult conditions.

Modern Equipment Supports Mission Fulfillment

QUS, with its established system, already meets many requirements relevant for successful integration into soldier systems. Therefore, it can be easily integrated and significantly expands the capabilities of soldier systems.

“We are very pleased about the new partnership with Rheinmetall. Together, we will develop a system that seamlessly integrates into Rheinmetall’s battlefield management system, creating additional value in this area. Knowing and assessing the vital data of soldiers at any time is very important for performance,” says Hannes Steiner, QUS CEO & Founder.


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Timo Haas, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Rheinmetall AG and Managing Director of Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH: “Biomonitoring, as we know it from competitive sports, will also play an important role for soldiers in the future to optimize operational readiness. For us as a system provider, QUS’s solution offers an additional component in our modular soldier system. And with a view to digitization, AI-supported data can make an important contribution to tactical decisions at higher command levels.”

The joint solution of QUS and Rheinmetall within the partnership will combine everything related to body data and fully exploit its potential. The ability to combine already proven sensors (heart rate, respiratory rate) with other external sensors (such as temperature, etc.) enables a new basis for tactical decisions based on the knowledge of the current condition of the soldiers.

The fusion of this data with tactical information represents a new dimension of information superiority regarding one’s own troops and will not only improve the performance of soldiers but also the command process.

Credo of the new partnership: protecting those who protect us

Hannes Steiner: “The joint solution with Rheinmetall combines the best of both worlds and primarily protects those who protect us. The vital data tracking using textile sensors integrated into the equipment offers an important additional benefit and supports the way to becoming the infantryman of the future.”


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QUS Body Connected

QUS Body Connected was founded in 2016 and launched in 2020, with its core competency in the development of smart textiles using washable smart yarn. QUS has focused on the B2B market, enabling companies to create precise and personalized experiences for their customers with high-tech solutions. The combination of the smart platform with innovative possibilities for measuring body data allows companies to become market leaders by offering QUS complete solutions that set new standards in terms of accuracy, innovation, and customer satisfaction. QUS can measure vital data such as heart and respiratory rates in combination with relevant geodata like GPS, acceleration, movement, and much more. In addition to the already established sports market, QUS also supplies other markets such as the military and work safety.



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