Boeing and Intel to collaborate on advanced microelectronics for aerospace

Source: Boeing

In a new strategic collaboration, Boeing and Intel are working together to advance semiconductor technology across the aerospace industry, with the intent to create next-generation microelectronics applications in artificial intelligence, secure computing and advanced flight capabilities for future products.

This collaboration is expected to accelerate progress on key pillars within Boeing’s vision for the future of aerospace, with a focus on technologies that are producible, digital, autonomous and sustainable.

“We are excited to work with Intel to accelerate state-of-the-art microelectronics computing technologies to meet the needs of our aerospace customers,” said Patty Chang-Chien, vice president and general manager of Boeing Research & Technology. “Bridging advanced commercial technology into aerospace capabilities is one of our core strengths and critical for our national security.”

The companies will assess far-ranging microelectronics applications, which will include the cooperative design, development and manufacturing of foundational semiconductors, and the advancement of advanced flight capabilities and high-performance edge-computing solutions.



Boeing will collaborate with Intel to leverage Intel 18A technology, a state-of-the-art Si CMOS (Silicon Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) fabrication process and other technologies, to create next-generation capabilities relevant to national security.

“Our collaboration with Boeing is yet another opportunity to harness the power of Intel’s unmatched silicon offerings for Boeing’s world-class aerospace systems critical to our nation’s global competitiveness,” said Cameron Chehreh, vice president and general manager of Intel Public Sector.

Other benefits to Boeing related to microelectronics are expected to include process improvements, reducing the time and cost of moving design ideas to commercialization, and developing technical talent.



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