Croatia to buy additional Patria AMV vehicles and Spike LR missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

Croatian defence minister Mario Banozic announced plans to purchase additional Patria AMV vehicles and Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles.

According to local media reports, Zagreb intends to buy additional 30 Patria AMV vehicles for over EUR 158 million. The Croatian defence ministry wants the deliveries of vehicles to be complete within the next few years (by 2028). The Armed Forces of Croatia currently operates 126 Patria AMV vehicles.

In addition, Croatian defence minister Mario Banozic announced that the country also intends to purchase Spike LR anti-tank missiles. Plans of the Croatian ministry envisage that new Patria AMV vehicles will be armed with Spike LR.

Mario Bonazic did not specify the number of planned purchase Spike LR missiles, but the Croatian ministry of defence intends to allocate EUR 11 million for these systems. Most likely, the future contract for Spike LR missiles will be signed with EuroSpike, a joint venture of German companies Rheinmetall and Diehl Defence and Israeli Rafael.

The Spike LR is also well known in the Armed Forces of Croatia. In February 2021, Croatia signed the first contract with EuroSpike for Spike LR. The missiles were integrated into UT30MK2 unmanned turrets of Croatia’s Patria armored vehicles.



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