Cutting-edge Lithium Battery Systems for U212NFS submarines

By Defence Industry Europe

The 6th Programme Committee Meeting of the OCCAR, a key international armament cooperation organization, was recently held in Taranto, Italy. The meeting was pivotal in discussing the progress of the 212NFS (Near Future Submarines) project for the Italian Marina Militare.


A focal point of the meeting was the significant advancement in submarine technology with the implementation of a cutting-edge Lithium Battery System (LBS) on the U212NFS submarines. The LBS components prototype successfully underwent critical performance and safety tests, marking a technical milestone for its integration into the submarines. This decision reflects Italy’s strategic move towards more advanced, efficient, and sustainable power storage solutions in naval applications.



The Lithium Battery System promises to enhance the operational efficiency of the submarines, improving propulsion and endurance capabilities, reducing maintenance needs, and ensuring the highest levels of on-board safety. This technological leap signifies Italy’s commitment to investing in advanced technologies, positioning it at the forefront of maritime defence capabilities.



Additionally, the meeting addressed the roadmap for the construction of the fourth unit, NFS 4, as part of the 212NFS project. This includes plans for both the construction and the logistical and in-service support for the fleet. The submarines are being produced by the Italian shipbuilding group Fincantieri S.p.A., in collaboration with the German holding thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS), the licensor of the design. Italy already operates four U212A submarines, and the U212NFS project represents an evolution of these existing models.



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