Czech Republic signs first contract for artillery ammunition designated for Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

The Czech Republic has signed a contract to deliver 180,000 artillery shells to Ukraine, as announced by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. This initial batch is part of a larger commitment that aims to provide 300,000 shells to the Ukrainian military.


During a statement in the Financial Times, Fiala revealed that this contract is the first under a cooperative initiative led by the Czech Republic, involving several European countries and allies outside the continent. These countries are providing financial support to help Ukraine replenish its ammunition stocks amid ongoing military conflicts.

Czech President Petr Pavel had previously noted that a total of 800,000 155mm shells and 300,000 122mm shells were identified for purchase, following the allocation of necessary funds. Furthermore, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky mentioned in a Bloomberg interview that the project might expand to supply as many as 1.5 million rounds of ammunition.


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Contributing nations include Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Poland, France, and Denmark. An additional 20 countries have also pledged support to this initiative, which aims not only to provide immediate relief but also to establish a sustainable ammunition supply system for Ukraine.

Deliveries of the shells are expected to commence in the coming months, with initial shipments potentially starting as early as June, according to Tomas Pojar, a Czech national security advisor.



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