Damen Naval secures order for two additional F126 frigates

By Defence Industry Europe

The German Navy will enhance its fleet with two more F126 multipurpose frigates, increasing the total to six. The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag recently approved this procurement, and the contract was signed on June 19 by the Procurement Organisation of the German Armed Forces (BAAINBw) and Dutch shipbuilder Damen Naval.


Construction will be carried out entirely in Germany, involving shipyards in Kiel, Hamburg, and Wolgast, and engaging hundreds of suppliers across the country. The F126 frigates, at 166 meters long and up to 10,000 tonnes, will be the largest in the German fleet, designed for versatile, global operations.


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The delivery timeline for the new frigates has been set, with the first vessel expected in 2028 and the fifth and sixth ships scheduled for 2033 and 2034, respectively. The construction of these additional vessels will take place entirely within Germany, involving multiple shipyards and hundreds of suppliers nationwide. The assembly process includes work at the German Naval Yards shipyard in Kiel, the Blohm+Voss NVL site in Hamburg, and the Peene-Werft shipyard in Wolgast.



The F126 frigates, awarded to Damen Naval in June 2020, represent a significant upgrade to the German naval fleet. At 166 meters in length and with a displacement of up to 10,000 tonnes, these frigates are set to be the largest in the fleet. Designed as versatile multi-mission platforms, the F126 frigates can operate globally across diverse conditions, from tropical climates to polar regions.



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