EODH and KNDS sign contract for ASPIS NG system integration on Leopard tanks

Source: EODH, Defence Industry Europe

EODH and KNDS extended their long lasting cooperation until 2035 with a new contract to integrate ASPIS NG Protection System to Leopard MBTs. This is a major milestone for the technological cooperation between the two companies which will bring their products into a new era enriching them with next Generation Protection Solutions and Technologies.


The expertise of KMW – now KNDS Deutschland – with its global leading position in the MBTs sector is complemented by EODHs’ quarter of century performance in the protection domain and proven track record.

The partnership between KNDS and EODH which was based on reliability and sustainability while fulfilling the highest quality standards has brought both companies to the point of taking the next major technological step:   utilizing the EODHs’ Protection System ASPIS NG to lead the way in the protection technologies sector for the next decade.



Such a strategic alliance will enable the implementation of the ASPIS NG system in the e.g. Leopard 2A8 or the recently presented Leopard 2 A-RC 30 and is part of the bridge solution until the MGCS is ready for series production and is therefore also very likely to be part of it…

As well this cooperation will surely find the interest of all so called “LeoBen” (Leopard Users) as the modularity and newest technologies used in the ASPIS Modular NG System can also be integrated in other existing MBT fleets for example the Leopard 2A4 where Greece is one of the biggest users.



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