Estonia intends to purchase 18 CAESAR artillery systems from Nexter

By Defence Industry Europe

The Estonian Minister of Defence, Hanno Pevkur, told the Postimees newspaper that Estonia plans to purchase eighteen 155-mm CAESAR self-propelled howitzers from France.


On Tuesday, April 2nd, Estonian Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur announced in an interview with the Postimees newspaper the ministry’s plans to acquire eighteen CAESAR (CAmion Équipé d’un Système d’ARtillerie) self-propelled howitzers of 155 mm/L52 calibre from France.

The CAESAR self-propelled howitzer is manufactured by the French defence company Nexter, a member of the KNDS group.



These howitzers will equip a new artillery battalion to be formed within the Estonian Land Forces (Maavägi). They are set to enhance the artillery capabilities that Estonia has been expanding over recent years, including 36 South Korean 155-mm K9 Kõu self-propelled howitzers.

Furthermore, six M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) multiple rocket launchers were ordered in December 2022.

The timing for the signing of the agreement and the start of deliveries remains uncertain, as fulfilling the order for Ukraine, which consists of a total of 78 CAESAR howitzers financed by France, Denmark, and Ukraine itself, appears to be this year’s priority for the French industry.


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Recently, the Estonian Defence Forces (Eesti Kaitsevägi) have acquired new weapon systems, including the Israeli-Singaporean Blue Spear coastal defence missile system (5G SSM; 5th Generation Surface-to-Surface Missile) and Polish Piorun man-portable air defence missile systems.

Last year saw the purchase of Israeli loitering munitions, likely the Harop and Mini Harop types, and Turkish armoured vehicles, including 112 Otokar Arma 6×6 transporters and 112 Nurol Makina NMS 4×4.

A joint procurement with Latvia for the German IRIS-T SLM air defence system battery was also approved, alongside a ground-based air defence system, the MBDA Mistral 3, with several European countries.



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