EU adopts assistance measure to support the Moldova’s air defence capabilities

Source: Council of the European Union

On June 13, the Council of the European adopted an assistance measure under the European Peace Facility (EPF) in support of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova to modernise the country’s air defence capabilities.


The adopted assistance measure is worth EUR 9 million, and will finance air defence systems’ short-range interceptors for the benefit of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova. It complements a EUR 41 million assistance measure adopted on 4 April 2024, which sought to modernise the defence capacities of the Moldovan Armed Forces in the areas of mobility, air surveillance, electronic warfare and logistics.

Building on four previous EPF assistance measures since 2021, this support will continue to enable the Moldovan Armed Forces to improve their operational effectiveness, accelerate meeting EU standards and interoperability, and thereby better protect critical civilian infrastructure as well as civilians in crises and emergencies. It will also enhance Moldova’s capacities to participate in EU military CSDP missions and operations.


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This new action brings EPF support to Moldova up to EUR 137 million to date. Last year and in 2022, the EU adopted assistance measures worth €40 million each. The first assistance measure adopted in December 2021 was worth EUR 7 million.

The EU is committed to provide all relevant support to Moldova in addressing the challenges it faces as a consequence of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, and to strengthen the country’s resilience, security and stability in the face of destabilising activities by Russia.



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