GCS concludes 3-years mission in Iraq

Source: Global Clearence Solutions (GCS)

The conclusion of Global Clearance Solutions’ (GCS) three-year contract with United Nations Mine Action Services (UNMAS) in Iraq heralds a benchmark in saving lives and restoring safe environments. Clearing ruined cities, once bustling urban centres, not only protects displaced civilians returning to their homes, it improves conditions for the revival of local businesses and trading markets. The achievement to date highlights a global political need to continue efforts implementing technology and resources to safeguard essential infrastructure including roads and water pipelines.

Since February 2020, Global Clearance Solutions (GCS) has successfully cleared contaminated areas in Mosul, Sinjar and Tel Kaif, destroyed stockpiles and has undertaken risk education for the local population. GCS’ Iraq Country Manager, Wissam Allamy emphasises the partnerships GCS creates with local people, training operators and raising awareness among civilians: “Our expert deminers passed on technical skills required for mine clearance tasks to 50 Iraqi operators. Together they cleared 1834 Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and 2330 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).”

The urgency of making Iraq safe cannot be overstated. UNMAS reports that in 2022, 55 minors lost their lives, while 71 children suffered severe injuries due to explosive hazards. Over 30,000 people have benefitted from GCS’ Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) programs in the last three years.

GCS continues to work toward securing new agreements across Iraq and neighbouring Syria. Deputy Head of Operations at GCS, Ashley Williams, salutes the team’s achievement while also keeping the door open for further GCS involvement: “In total, we have rendered safe 7,883,750 square meters of residential and agricultural land, which goes a long way in helping to restore lives and reunite families. Proposals are currently being processed through GCS’ office in Iraq to continue operations and rehire trained staff”. The company’s office in Baghdad remains open to continue engaging with demining authorities such as the Iraqi Directorate of Mine Action.

GCS remains entirely committed to saving lives and creating safe environments across the globe, raising awareness on various occasions, hosting media and political leaders at clearance sites. In March this year, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, met with GCS searchers during her four-day visit to Iraq to raise international support for Baghdad and its surroundings.



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