Norway increases defence spending in revised national budget

By Defence Industry Europe

The Norwegian government has announced a significant increase in defence spending as part of its revised national budget. The defence budget will rise from 91 billion NOK to 104 billion NOK this year. This 13 billion NOK increase aims to bolster national security, enhance the operational capabilities of the Norwegian Armed Forces, and provide substantial military support to Ukraine.


Prime Minister Jonas of Norway Gahr Støre emphasized the necessity of these measures in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the changing security landscape in Europe. He stated that the increase in defence spending is crucial for maintaining Norway’s security and fulfilling its NATO obligations.

Out of the total increase, 6 billion NOK is allocated specifically for military support to Ukraine. This funding will be used to supply Ukraine with military equipment and support, reflecting Norway’s commitment to assisting Ukraine in its defence against Russian  aggression.

The remaining 7 billion NOK will be directed towards strengthening the Norwegian Armed Forces. This includes investments in operational capabilities, infrastructure improvements, and the procurement of advanced air defence systems. The budget aims to accelerate long-term defence projects to enhance the readiness and resilience of Norway’s military forces.



Norwegian Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram highlighted that the revised budget also aims to meet NATO’s defence spending target of 2% of GDP. This commitment underscores Norway’s dedication to collective defence and its role within the NATO alliance.

Additionally, the increased budget will support various other defence initiatives, including enhancing cyber defence capabilities, improving military personnel training, and expanding Norway’s intelligence and surveillance infrastructure. These measures are designed to address emerging threats and ensure that Norway’s defence forces are well-prepared for any potential challenges.

The Norwegian government has also stressed the importance of a well-coordinated and efficient implementation of the budget increase. The Ministry of Defense will work closely with other government agencies and international partners to ensure that the allocated funds are used effectively and contribute to Norway’s overall security objectives.



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