Airbus delivers two new H225M helicopters to Hungary

By Defence Industry Europe

The Hungarian Ministry of Defence announced on May 13 the delivery of two new H225 multi-role helicopters from Airbus Helicopters, increasing Hungary's fleet of H225Ms to a total of eight.


The initial pair of H225M helicopters was delivered in the summer of 2023. The Hungarian government had previously entered into a contract with Airbus in 2018 for a total of 16 helicopters. These aircraft are equipped with advanced communication suites, onboard avionics, and the HForce modular weapon system, enabling the suspension and activation of various weapon systems.

The new H225Ms are set to replace the ageing Mi-17 helicopters currently in service, signaling a significant upgrade in both technology and capability. The ongoing modernization extends beyond just these helicopters; in June 2018, Hungary also signed for 20 Airbus H145M helicopters, delivered in configurations suitable for multi-role transport, search and rescue operations, and combat purposes.



Looking ahead, the Hungarian Ministry of Defence expects the delivery of the remaining eight H225M helicopters by the end of 2024. These will complement the two Airbus H125 helicopters, acquired in May 2016, which are primarily used for training purposes.

Hungary is currently the second NATO country to deploy the Airbus H225M helicopters extensively, following a trend of increased investment in advanced military equipment among NATO members. Additionally, the Kingdom of the Netherlands is preparing to join this list with a purchase of fourteen H225M helicopters from Airbus, as NATO countries continue to upgrade their aerial capabilities.



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