German SOF to receive Quantum Systems’ Vector reconnaissance drones

By Defence Industry Europe

On September 26, the German defence procurement agency, BAAINBw, inked a framework agreement with Quantum Systems for the supply of Vector VTOL drones as part of the FALKE program. These cutting-edge military drones will bolster the capabilities of the German Special Operations Forces (SOF), as revealed in a press release by BAAINBw.


The agreement, as detailed by the German defence procurement agency, outlines the acquisition of 14 Vector reconnaissance systems to be manufactured by Quantum Systems. The initial batch of these drones is anticipated to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2024.



Quantum Systems’ Vector boasts the capability for fully controlled vertical take-offs and landings, even within confined spaces. Impervious to challenging environmental conditions such as strong winds, high temperatures, dust, and rainfall, the Vector drone can efficiently operate for up to 180 minutes while maintaining an intelligent cruise speed control ranging from 15 to 20 meters per second. Real-time video feeds can be seamlessly transmitted to multiple Ground Control Stations through Mesh IP encrypted data links, extending up to an impressive range of 35 kilometers, which can be further expanded with additional data links. This remarkable drone’s minimal noise emissions render it particularly suitable for discreet surveillance missions, as stated by the company.

The Vector drone comes equipped with two integrated gimbaled sensors: the HD40-LV and the Raptor. The HD40-LV, developed by Trillium Engineering, combines a unique Magnesium structure with cutting-edge optical zoom cameras, delivering unmatched performance within a compact 4-inch diameter gimbal. It features an EO/IR configuration comprising a 10x optical zoom visible camera and a fixed focal length uncooled LWIR camera.



Remarkably, Vector can be mission-ready within three minutes, requiring no tools for the assembly of its modular system or the replacement of its gimbaled sensors. Coupled with the QBase Tactical mission planning and monitoring software, Vector executes missions with a high degree of automation, while its autopilot consistently makes critical decisions in a reliable and independent manner. Quantum Systems further emphasizes that Vector’s intelligent batteries optimize operational performance and safety across all missions.



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