Germany delivered another batch of IRIS-T SLM missiles to Ukraine

By Lukasz Prus

The federal government of Germany has revealed that it has delivered another batch of IRIS-T SLM air defence missiles to Ukraine. The IRIS-T SLM air defence system produced by the Diehl Defence is characterized by extremely high effectiveness in defence operations conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Germany delivered the first of four scheduled IRIS-T SLM air defence systems to Ukraine in October 2022. There is no official information on how many IRIS-T SLM systems are currently operated by Ukrainians.

According to reports from the Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson, Yuiry Ignat, the IRIS-T SLM achieved very high effectiveness against various of aerial targets. Germany was the first country to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a modern air defence system.

In November 2022, Germany delivered to Ukraine the first set of additional IRIS-T SLM missiles so the supply just delivery by the German government is the next one.

According to the German government’s statement, the latest batch of IRIS-T SLM missiles was delivered from the defence industry stock and financed by German funds for security capacity building. The IRIS-T SLM air defence system is produced by the Diehl Defence.

As recently reported by Defence Industry Europe, another German defence industry company, HENSOLDT, received an order for two additional state-of-the-art TRML-4D radars to strengthen Ukraine’s air defence. According to HENSOLDT’s statement released on January 18, the two radars will be delivered in the next three months.




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