Indra extends the scope of the certifications

Source: Indra press release

Indra, one of the leading global technology and consultancy companies, has recently completed the external assessment process which its industrial procedures undergo in order to ensure maximum quality and reliability in all the technological systems it develops for the aerospace and defence sectors.

It has thus renewed the certifications of its quality system in accordance with the EN 9100/9110/9120 standards, which certify compliance with the requirements for aviation, space and defence organizations, as well as the maintenance of the aeronautical industry, and PECAL 2110/2310, stipulated by NATO to ensure quality in the design, development and production of the respective software and aviation, space and defence suppliers.

Indra has extended the scope of these certifications to a total of 14 work centers, including the new one which carries out the activities of the NGWS/FCAS program, the most advanced and largest European defence project, for which Indra is the national industrial coordinator.

“Compliance with the highest quality standards ensures the reliability and quality of Indra’s systems for the Defence sector, which, due to their high degree of criticality, must be able to operate in the most demanding environments and under extreme conditions. This also allows us to improve the efficiency of our processes and enhance our competitiveness, with the ultimate goal of offering the very best service to our customers”, explained Félix Torres, Indra’s Director of Quality for Defence and Security.

In fact, the main customers and companies in the sector require their suppliers to comply with these standards, as occurs with the Spanish Ministry of Defence, the various organizations of NATO countries and other international customers served by Indra around the world.

Obtaining this certification forms part of Indra’s commitment to the utmost excellence, achieving customer satisfaction and ensuring compliance with all the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Moreover, it enables the company to maintain a system that guarantees the most demanding level of quality in each of the projects and operations it undertakes, adapting to and complying with expectations.

Indra has also recently renewed its global quality certificate and extended its coverage to 50 group companies in 16 countries, after being recognized by AENOR as a company whose Quality Management System complies with the principles, processes and best practices established in the international ISO 9001 standard, the most widely-used model in domestic and international customer/supplier relations.


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