Israel: Eitan APC makes its debut on the battlefield

By Arie Egozi

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed today that the Israeli-made Eitan APC performed combat missions in the Gaza front and killed a number of Hamas terrorists. The Eitan has recently been delivered to the IDF's Nahal brigade.


The Eitan is the most advanced wheeled APC of its kind in the world. The eight-wheeled Eitan is based on Merkava and Namer technologies. It is equipped to carry twelve combat personnel.



The 750-horsepower APC, developed by Israel’s Ministry of Defence Tank and APC Directorate, can drive at around 90 kilometers per hour, has high all-terrain maneuvering capabilities, and can be in operational use for days at a time.

The Eitan incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, including the Iron Fist active protection system, peripheral cameras equipped with day and night vision, and processing capabilities using computerized technology, and touch monitors and processors.



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