Israeli Air Force hits Iranian S-300 battery with long-range missiles – sources

By Arie Egozi

The weapon systems that hit an Iranian Russian-made S-300 air defence battery, which has been deployed to protect one of this country's nuclear sites, were launched by combat aircraft from a "very long range," according to sources.


While there are many estimates of who performed the attack on the Iranian air base, one thing is clear – the selected targets were hit by long-range, very precise, air-launched weapon systems.

Israel has not reacted to claims that its air force (IAF) performed the strike, but in recent years, this force has been equipped with long-range air-launched missiles with large warheads.



While Israel has not yet formed a dedicated ground-to-ground missile unit, its air force has been equipped in recent years with long-range air-to-ground missiles. Some of these are based on systems that were originally developed to serve as targets simulating ballistic missiles.

This is part of the development of the Arrow system. These include the Delilah developed by Elbit Systems, and the Blue and Silver Sparrow developed by Rafael.




In addition, the IAF is equipped with the Rampage air-to-ground missile developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Israeli sources say that these missiles are only part of the Israeli arsenal of air-to-ground long-range missiles. There are additional systems with longer ranges, but these are highly classified.

The military force that performed the attack that destroyed the Iranian S-300 battery used very accurate intelligence and very accurate weapon systems.



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