Israeli air defence systems demonstrate high effectiveness against Iranian drones, missiles

By Arie Egozi

The Israeli multi-tiered air defence system and the coalition against Iran thwarted a major Iranian attack by armed drones, ballistic, and cruise missiles.


On April 13, Iran launched more than 300 of its long-range weapons against targets in Israel. It was the first major test for the efficiency of the Israeli multi-tiered air defense systems and the anti-Iran coalition that was formed some years ago.

The Jordanian air force and air defense systems of the U.S. and some European countries with forces in the region participated in the joint effort to intercept the major attack. This effort resulted in some interceptions far from Israeli airspace.



The Israeli multi-layered air defense system managed to intercept 99% of the armed drones, cruise, and ballistic missiles launched by Iran that crossed the Israeli borders. A military base in the southern part of Israel sustained minimal damage.

Israel has a multi-tiered defense system. It consists of the Iron Dome designed to intercept short-range rockets, David’s Sling designed to intercept longer-range rockets, the Arrow-2 against conventional ballistic missiles, and the Arrow-3 designed to intercept longer-range ballistic missiles carrying unconventional warheads. This is by kinetic kill.


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