Italy receives approval to acquire 12 HIMARS launchers

By Defence Industry Europe

On December 15, the U.S. State Department announced its approval of Italy's request to purchase Lockheed Martin M142 HIMARS launchers.


According to the U.S. authorities, Italy has expressed interest in acquiring 21 M142 HIMARS launchers, along with a six-rocket package of M31A2 GMLRS-U missiles. Additionally, the package includes communication devices, spare parts, logistical and training support, as well as essential diagnostic and maintenance equipment. The total value of the deal is capped at 400 million USD.


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Earlier in April of the current year, Italy commenced a substantial modernization of its existing M270A1 launchers to the M270A2 standard, aiming to upgrade approximately 22 units. It is speculated that the intended purchase of the M142 HIMARS could further enhance the operational capabilities of the Italian land forces.



The M142 HIMARS system, produced by Lockheed Martin, is increasingly popular in Europe. It has been integrated into the armaments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces through military aid programs, and has also been acquired by Romania and Poland. Furthermore, Estonia and Lithuania have already entered into intergovernmental agreements with the United States for these systems, and Latvia is expected to join this group shortly.



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