John Cockerill Defense to modernize BV-206 vehicles for Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

John Cockerill Defense has announced a new project to modernize dozens of BV-206 vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This initiative follows the successful adaptation and delivery of M113 vehicles by the Belgian Ministry of Defence to Ukraine.


The modernization process for the BV-206 vehicles will involve significant upgrades to the engine and other mechanical components, as well as a reconfiguration of the interior. The primary objective is to transform these vehicles into medical transport units. Once adapted, the BV-206s will be equipped with advanced medical kits and upgraded engines to ensure they are fully optimized for their new role.

The BV-206 has been chosen for this modernization project due to its proven high mobility in difficult operational environments. This capability makes it an ideal choice for evacuation missions involving wounded soldiers, a need that has become increasingly critical in the current conflict.

Both Ukrainian and Belgian authorities have recognized the value of the BV-206 in enhancing the operational capabilities of the Ukrainian military. Already in use in Ukraine, the vehicle’s adaptability and performance have made it a key asset for military operations in challenging terrains.


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The teams at John Cockerill Defense in Aubange, Belgium, bring extensive experience in the maintenance, repair, and operation of military vehicles to this project. Their expertise, developed through participation in various military programs, will be crucial in ensuring the success of the modernization efforts.

John Cockerill Defense is proud to continue its support for Ukraine, working in collaboration with Belgium and other partner countries. This project not only underscores the company’s commitment to contributing to international defence efforts but also highlights the importance of international cooperation in addressing the needs of allied nations.



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