Joint procurement: EU Task Force presents conclusions of first phase

Source: European Defence Agency (EDA)

On October 14, the Defence Joint Procurement Task Force presented its work and interim achievements, and the way forward at a meeting with EU Member States.

Based on the response from Member States, the Task Force presented areas of common interest for possible joint procurement in different equipment categories (i.e., 1. Medical equipment and supply, 2. CBRN individual protection equipment, 3. Anti-tank systems & missiles, 4. Soldier equipment and radios, 5. Ammunition, explosives, mortars and MLRS, 6. Missiles, air defence, MANPADS, bombs, and 7. Small arms).

The Task Force will now engage with the European industry. The Task Force outlined the approach to map and assess the potential supply capacity of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base to address Member States’ needs. This will allow identifying mismatches between demand and supply, and areas where a ramp-up in production may be required.


Following the adoption of the Joint Communication on Defence Investment Gaps on 18 May, the EU swiftly set up a Defence Joint Procurement Task Force bringing together the European External Action Service (EEAS), including the EU Military Staff, the European Defence Agency (EDA), and the European Commission, namely the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space and the Secretariat-General.

The Task Force supports and facilitates the coordination and de-confliction of Member States’ short term joint procurement needs.

Building on the Joint Communication’s Defence Investment Gaps Analysis and the Way Forward and the EDA’s analysis on Scoping of the EU Defence Investment Gaps, the Task Force consulted all Member States and engaged with those most interested to collect and aggregate their most critical and urgent procurement needs, and explore potential interest for future joint procurement projects, including under the future European Defence Industry Reinforcement through common Procurement Act (EDIRPA), submitted by the Commission to the Council and the Parliament. It is now under examination in view of its adoption.


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