Kongsberg signs agreement for further development of Odin FSS system

By Defence Industry Europe

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has signed a contract with Norwegian Defence Materiel Administration (NDMA) to further develop the digital fire control system, Odin FSS, over the next three years.

The fire support/ fire control system, Odin FSS, supports sharp missions on different weapon platforms simultaneously. The digital chain of fire links all the roles in one system, from target identification to decision-making and weapon system operation.

“With this agreement, we will deliver faster and more accurate functionality to the armed forces. The development of the fire control system, Odin FSS, is a prime example of successful collaboration between the Norwegian Armed Forces, industry, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, and the procurement authority, dating back to the 1970s. Now, we are taking the next step towards even closer cooperation,” says Tomas Beck, Head of land division of NDMA.

The contract is valued at NOK 13.6 million, and there will be additional costs for functional extensions in upcoming acquisition projects, increasing the contract value to NOK 60-90 million, Kongsberg said in a statement.

According to Kongsberg, Odin FSS is a fire support / fire control system fielded in Norway, and includes functionality for all levels of fire support chain of command, from sensor to shooter. It is built upon NATO standards and symbology such as AArty-P artillery procedures, STANAG 4082 (METCM), STANAG 6022 (METGM) and STANAG 4537 (NATO Armament Ballistic Kernel). Odin FSS can utilize any IP based communication solution, which is designed especially for use of tactical low-band radios with a communication solution tailor made for very challenging terrain.

Odin FSS enables automatic utilization of connected radios (or other means of communication) and build up an understanding of the network topology. Odin FSS employs network resilient strategies to ensure vital communication between all Odin FSS users.



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