Leonardo and Siemens collaborate on a new integrated offer platform for digital security

Source: Leonardo

The objective of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed by Leonardo and Siemens Digital Industries is an integrated offer of advanced cybersecurity solutions for IT/OT technologies (Information Technology/Operational Technology), which is dedicated to digital, secure, connected and integrated industrial infrastructures.

The agreement was created within a partnership between the two companies with the aim of bringing together specific development skills of services and solutions, which are aimed at protecting the IT/OT infrastructure (infrastructures with dedicated hardware and sofware devices) of industrial sites. The main area of intervention will concern the resilience against accidents and cyber attacks to automation and connectivity systems that monitor and supervise assets, equipment and processes of critical infrastructures.

With the growing use of digitization, energy and industrial plants are increasingly interconnected and distributed: a revolution that offers opportunities in terms of competitiveness and sustainability. However, this requires particular attention to issues surrounding cyber security. An IT attack on the “cyber-physical” systems of critical infrastructures can in fact have serious repercussions on the availability of essential services for citizens and their own safety. The collaboration between Leonardo and Siemens will allow for complete protection: from threat intelligence; the detection of cyber threats to OT infrastructures; to their protection, both with attack monitoring and management services based on the experience of Leonardo’s Global Security Operation Center, with the integration of Siemens technological systems of products for the prevention and response to incidents concerning individual connected devices (endpoint protection).

“Thanks to this agreement, Leonardo and Siemens can create new synergies based on complementary technologies and skills, with the aim of jointly developing solutions capable of responding more effectively to the growing cybernetic challenges in the industrial and energy sector”, said Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo’s Chief Executive Officer. “In this regard, Leonardo’s evolutionary path traced to the Be Tomorrow 2030 strategic plan continues, the aims of which are to make our company the cornerstone of a technological ecosystem capable of protecting the safety of citizens and promoting, together with institutions and partners, the country’s long-term competitiveness”.

“We are very satisfied with this partnership which focuses on cybersecurity, an essential factor for the development of a secure and reliable digital economy. With innovative technology that combines the real and digital world in order to guarantee security, protecting comapnies‘ know-how and their productivity, we help them to be more competitive. Together with Leonardo, we combine their undoubted ability to integrate systems with our technology, creating a unique synergy and proposal to the market. Our goal, therefore, is to create further value for the Italian industry and help our country in its digital transformation”, said Giuliano Busetto, Head of Siemens Digital Industries.

The agreement provides an integrated commercial proposition both with joint solutions and with proprietary products and services of the two companies, to meet the needs of the oil & gas, energy, and industry markets. The agreement also regulates cyber security training, with a catalogue of courses dedicated to the OT sector, which will be able to take advantage of the platforms and infrastructures of Leonardo’s Cyber & Security Academy.

The technological solutions created will also be able to become part of Xcelerator, Siemens’ open digital platform, which includes a complete portfolio of hardware, software and digital services enabled for the Internet of Things (IoT).



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