Lithuania: defence industry will be able to conduct testing together with the armed forces

Source: Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence, Defence Industry Europe

As of now, Lithuanian academic institutions and defence industry companies are invited to seek testing of their products in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Military experts will put the products through trials and present conclusions on the developed product features. The procedure will facilitate creation of products that meet defence needs, respond to the requirements of Lithuania’s defence and export. It comes as an effort of the Ministry of National Defence to prod Lithuanian defence industry development.

“Until this point, the Lithuanian Armed Forces only tested the products it was looking to purchase. The introduced procedure enables companies to apply for testing the products they develop, receive military insight and improve their production. Field tests give developers more feedback on what works as desired and what needs change. We hope it will help Lithuanian defence industry companies develop future defence products with more efficiency,” says Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas.

Testing of defence technology and product is a critical step in defence industry, it requires public-private cooperation. It is customary to conduct tests of products before purchasing, however, it is also particularly important to provide insights during the process of product development. NATO has identified the needs and responded by initiating accelerator sites and test centers. That, however, is testing concrete products in laboratory conditions, not in the military. Testing in the armed forces offers a distinct chance to be evaluated and advised by the end user.

“Testing of defence industry products allows us to clear up their operational, tactical, technical characteristics, quality, technical level, compatibility with other systems used in the military. It benefits both, the manufacturer and the Ministry of National Defence as the potential user. The Defence Materiel Agency is prepared to give all the information required on testing to Lithuanian manufacturers and invites them to avail of the opportunity,” says Director of the Defence Materiel Agency under the MoD Sigitas Dzekunskas.

Companies wishing to carry out the testing in the Lithuanian Armed Forces have to contact the Defence Materiel Agency, fill out an application and present a testing methodology project. Only entities registered and operating in Lithuania and approved to meet national security standards are eligible. Testing conditions will be coordinated after the application approval. Developers will be allowed to take part in the testing process.


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