Lithuania to allocate EUR 200 million for military support to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

The Lithuanian authorities have approved the special programme aimed at providing Ukraine with military support during the period of 2024-2026. The program is valued at approximately EUR 200 million, the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence said in a statement.

“Supporting the Ukrainian military has been and remains one of our top priorities. The funds allocated for Ukraine will be returned to Lithuania through the European Peace Facility (EPF) to bolster our defence sector, ensuring the development of our national capabilities while continuing to provide support to the Ukrainian armed forces,” stated Minister of National Defence, Arvydas Anušauskas.

The aid provided by the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence to the Ukrainian military will soon reach half a billion euros, encompassing arms, equipment, soldier training, medical treatment, and rehabilitation, the ministry said.


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The approved plan for supporting the Ukrainian military during the period of 2024-2026 will amount to approximately 200 million euros. The main focus of this support will be the acquisition of lethal and non-lethal equipment, military training, financial contributions to support funds, maintenance of military equipment in Lithuania, and personnel training.



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