MBDA Deutschland and IAI to jointly offer loitering munition to Bundeswehr

By Defence Industry Europe

MBDA Deutschland and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have signed a cooperation agreement for the production, integration, as well as distribution and marketing of IAI's loitering munition systems in Germany.

Loitering munition is highly significant in terms of current and future operational scenarios. It can be deployed with high precision while avoiding unintended damage. It reduces mission duration and can thus save lives in critical situations.

MBDA Deutschland is a leading company in Germany in the development, production, and maintenance of guided missiles, air defence systems, and effectiveness systems.



IAI was the world’s first company to develop loitering munition four decades ago. The current IAI loitering munition portfolio includes the Harop, Harpy, Mini-Harpy, and Rotem systems.

Together with MBDA Deutschland, IAI is offering this loitering munition portfolio to the German Armed Forces to address capability gaps in the Air Force, Navy, and Army.

IAI delivers loitering munition worldwide and continues to expand its customer base. Recently, a significant contract for the purchase of IAI loitering munition by the Estonian Ministry of Defence was announced.



The IAI loitering munition family includes the following systems:

  • Harpy-NG, a third-generation system for destroying enemy radar installations.
  • Harop, a second-generation electro-optical precision weapon system.
  • Mini-Harpy, a tactical loitering munition system with triple sensors (electro-optical day and night sensors and an anti-radiation seeker head).
  • The Rotem family of tactical Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) loitering munition systems.



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