MBDA Deutschland boosts production of guided missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

MBDA Deutschland has announced plans to expand its guided missiles production capabilities to meet the needs of the Bundeswehr and European NATO partners. The company aims to ensure an adequate supply of guided missiles of various classes to the Bundeswehr, which is set to make procurement decisions this year.

An important contribution of MBDA Deutschland to ammunition stockpiling is the establishment of Missile Hubs in Schrobenhausen.

Missile Hubs are centers for production, maintenance, repair, and modernization of weapon systems and guided missiles, which Raytheon and MBDA are driving forward for the Patriot guided missile PAC-2 GEM-T. MBDA is also working on such an implementation for the guided missiles Meteor, Brimstone, and Stinger.

The Missile Hubs will be available in particular to supply the Bundeswehr and European NATO partners with guided missiles. In the medium term, production capacities for a new armour-piercing variant of the Enforcer shoulder-launched small guided missile will also be expanded.

MBDA recently launched a new production line for the Enforcer at its location in Schrobenhausen. The Bundeswehr has designated this guided missile as “Lightweight Munition 1,800+.”

Serial production of the first guided missiles is scheduled to begin later this year, with delivery to the Bundeswehr starting in 2024.

“Our stated goal is to equip and support the Bundeswehr in a timely and best possible manner. The establishment of additional production capacities is a crucial contribution to ammunition stockpiling. We will significantly expand our industrial production capacities to enable rapid availability, increase value creation in the country, and permanently meet the needs of Germany and European NATO partners,” said Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director of MBDA Deutschland.



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