Netherlands commits over 4 EUR billion to support Ukraine and strengthen its own defence

By Defence Industry Europe

The Dutch government has pledged significant financial support to Ukraine, committing more than EUR 4.4 billion for military and humanitarian aid from 2024 to 2026. This package aims to bolster Ukraine's ongoing efforts in its conflict with Russia and support the country's reconstruction.


The funding is part of a broader initiative that includes a bilateral security agreement signed on March 1 in Kharkiv, which secures EUR 2 billion in military aid for Ukraine in 2024 alone. The agreement also outlines continued Dutch defence support over the next decade.



In addition to international aid, the Netherlands is set to enhance its own military capabilities. Starting from 2028, the Dutch Ministry of Defence will receive an extra EUR 500 million to strengthen its air defence systems and increase ammunition reserves.


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On April 12, further commitments were made with an allocation of an additional EUR 1 billion for military aid and EUR 400 million designated for Ukrainian reconstruction efforts.



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